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What is dreamwork?

Dreamwork is the process of talking about dreams for the purpose of unraveling their messages. It is soulwork, which is an open-minded space of not knowing. Simply entering this space is a powerful act.

Do you tell me what my dreams mean?

Not exactly. My goal is to reflect to you what I notice in your dreams. We explore and unravel the dream together.


Ultimately, you are the authority that determines the significance of the dream. I just try to help.

What's your method?

I ask a lot of questions, I follow my curiosity. I look for the pieces that have emotional charge or a particularly intriguing relational dynamic. For people new to this terrain it may look strange because the focus wanders, it doesn't follow a script.

Our work together will become more powerful over several weeks as we learn each other's language.

What are dreams?

Dreams are a special reflective material. Like being underwater and looking back up at the surface, they help you see things that you can't (or don't want to) look at directly in conscious life.


Your dreams are here to help you, specifically. They use the vocabulary of your life. They are your daily guidance and your dream journal is your personal text.

Your ancestors dreamed, tens of thousands of years ago. Animals dream. Dream language is a fundamental experience of living on earth.

Where do you think dreams come from?

Dreams come from some source of higher intelligence that can see the whole picture of your life and cares about your well-being. That source is beyond ego, and for that reason the dreams are reliable guides. 


I believe the source is what some call the Soul - the part of you that is connected to a higher power but is still primarily concerned with your individual life path.

Because the dream is delivered to you from beyond the ego, we can be confident that it's the material your soul wants you to work with. 

Why do people do dreamwork?

The short answer is that people do dreamwork to seek guidance. Dreams are a trusted source of information.

Doing any kind of soulwork (entering a non-rational space with intention) will naturally...

dismantle thought patterns imposed by Dominator Culture,

cultivate and honor the feminine half of yourself,

help you function in the open-minded space of

"I don't know,"

bring you into resonance with the Earth,

evolve your soul,

grow your qi,

& more. 

Isn't dreamwork a bit self-indulgent, considering the times?

Nope! In fact, those who are familiar with the material insist it is absolutely necessary to be listening to this guidance from beyond the mind.


Further, we all need to do our personal work, and this is one way to do it. Dreams show you your blindspots, and this is a time of exposing blindspots.

Just by being willing to do dreamwork you open to direct communication with the mystery, you honor your system's innate wisdom and you uplift the feminine half of yourself. It's good, it's what the world needs right now.

Do you believe in magic?

I do! Each session is conducted in a sacred container with the help of invisible allies.  

Do I have to believe in magic to do this?

Nope! Come as you are; you don't need to believe anything in particular, and I won't try to convince you of my beliefs. What I say reflects my own belief system (as is the case for everybody), so take what you want from it and leave the rest.


That said, I think you do need to *suspend your disbelief* to do this work. It is healing to spend time in the open-minded space of not knowing. For men, in particular, it is important to learn how to operate off-script, to swim in unpredictable currents with trust.

If you are willing to sincerely explore your deepest truths, then dreamwork might be a good fit for you.

What do you, Mike, bring to the table?

I hold a strong, non-judgmental container where the arrival of big feelings are safe and welcome. I listen very deeply and I ask questions that open the doors of the dream.


I notice patterns, I notice the dynamics of dream elements that are in relationship. I have a lot of experience in ceremony, so I know how to operate in non-linear space. 

I'm a traveler, at heart. Working dreams feels like sitting on a park bench in a foreign country, watching a scene unfold in front of me. I may have no cultural point of reference, but I try to understand the nature of the relationships in the scene by observing closely, using whatever clues I can. 

Are you a therapist?

Nope! I'm a coach. I have no license. 

I have a private practice where I offer coaching to clients who are trying to move through a stuck place. I offer dreamwork, guided relaxation and small business coaching.

Dreamwork has a lot of benefits, but there are risks. If you have psychotic or prepsychotic tendencies then you should speak to a licensed mental health professional. The work I offer is not a replacement for psychotherapy. 

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