What Clients Have Said

Working with Mike was incredible. He lead the group with so much insight and integrity and I felt so supported to explore and make discoveries. I was new to dream work, but Mike is such a wonderful and gentle teacher that by the end of the first session I already felt comfortable. I truly cannot say enough good things! Working with Mike has been such a privilege and I know that what I have learned from him will be touch points that I can return to again and again in the future.


Dream groups with Mike are so good! He has been my dream coach for a few years now. His wisdom helps me unfold the densely packed clues from my subconscious.  With him I’ve come to realize that dreams don’t have small messages, but rather show me vast landscapes that I can explore. He has a unique ability to teach this realization as well as all the details of interpreting dreams yourself.


I found my experience in Mike’s dream group to be invaluable to my life’s work and journey. I’ve taken one 6 week dream group facilitated by Mike and was blown away. I knew Mike was a good dream coach, as he had done some one-on-one consultations with me before, but the dream group surpassed my expectations immensely. I was impressed with how Mike was able to establish and hold a space in a virtual setting for a group of people (some of us having never met in person) that allowed us to intimately share our dreams with one another. I was also struck by Mike’s leadership style, which was empowerment for all members of the group to step into our own “inner guides” and offer what we could in dream interpretation, which created a dynamic group experience I looked forward to every week. I would highly recommend a dream group facilitation by Mike to anyone I know and would gladly join any of his workshops in a heartbeat.


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